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Leading design and build firm Gorgeous home now manages all types of custom housing projects in GTA, ON, Canada, and the neighboring areas. Our goal is to provide top-notch builder projects that exceed clients’ expectations. In order to develop their dream homes, we believe in collaborating with our clients to plan the projects and informing them of every minor aspect.

We are a team of brilliant architects, designers, trade specialists, and other skilled people. Gorgeous home now takes great delight in creating extraordinary homes. As a customer of Gorgeous home now, you gain access to the business unmatched experience and persistent commitment to morality, transparency, and value. We not only guarantee that the project will be finished on schedule, but we also accommodate any alterations that the client requests while the building is being done. Our lines of communication are always open throughout the project, and we always give you the option to share your thoughts about any alterations you would want to see made to the improvements we carry out. You can trust us to meet all of your building needs because we are a reputable, competent, professional, and open company.

Each individual always has a wonderful and thrilling experience when building a home. Even yet, some people may find this technique to be tedious at times. Our aid and knowledge will be helpful in this situation. With the help of Gorgeous home now's services, this process is easier and less demanding for you. Floor plans, interior design, substantial renovations, bespoke house construction, and everything in between are all part of our services. We create excellent designs that match your demands by thoughtfully considering each stage of the construction process and paying close attention to every detail. Our company also works on a variety of construction projects. We have the equipment and workforce necessary to complete any type of interior or outdoor project quickly. We provide engineering, design, building, and ornamentation in an endeavor to fulfill all design-build needs in a single location. Due to our dedication and sincerity, you will also receive affordable costs and excellent remodeling and renovation services.


With high-quality, uniquely made homes that combine historic elegance with modern enhancements, we deliver amazing projects in Brampton, ON, Canada. High-end luxury homes are built by our company, and all of our customers receive the same amount of care and consideration. In order for you to have the house of your dreams, we will guide you through each stage of the planning and construction process. We provide a variety of services, such as:

  • Build A New Custom Home,
  • Remodel It From Top To Bottom,
  • Add Luxury Finishes To The Kitchen And Basement, Etc.
  • Structural, Waterproofing, And Underpinning


Gorgeous Home Now IN GTA, ON, Ontario

At Gorgeous home now, we understand the value of home lots and the implied benefits they bring. This means that it is important to maintain your assets and protect them from any kind of deterioration. We use high-quality structural materials and strong foundations in all our homes to ensure your property keeps looking new for a long time.

Gorgeous Home Now has professionals with over 10 years of experience in building custom homes.To keep track of your money, break down your prices and provide reasonable budgets for each component in the development stage. Above all. We know that building a house costs a lot of money.

Together with us, with the help of our imaginative designers, you can create a living space that meets the needs of your family. It is highly recommended to begin the actual construction process of your new custom home or garden suite project. This is the most time-consuming and expensive time for a new building. Of course, there is no break in the winter when homeowners begin renovations at other times of the year.

With little to no work and just the hours you choose, Gorgeous home now can completely transform your home. Transform your home into your dream home without leaving your current location. Gorgeous Home  Now will renovate the whole room or part of it to your liking!

The project manager constantly monitors the construction work on site every day. Our team’s experience and knowledge can ensure your unique home will be comfortable for a very long time. We identify and fix problems before they show up and affect your home’s function. Gorgeous home now pays close attention to every aspect and detail of every project. Every room in your home will be designed exactly the way you want it. We strictly adhere to all building codes and protocols.

Our entire team of experts puts all their knowledge and experience to work to ensure that every step of the process is followed for the successful completion of every custom construction project. Known for some of the most innovative and attractive home designs, our team of architects and engineers is among the best in the industry. A project manager assigned to Gorgeous home now handles all permits and city ordinances.

In the GTA, Ontario, Canada, and surrounding areas, custom homes make up the majority of homeowners who want to build them forever home, but we also work with real estate companies and investors.

If you want a home with special features to suit your specific needs, Gorgeous home now is your ideal contact. We have been building unique homes for over 10 years in the GTA, Ontario, Canada, and surrounding areas. With the best guides and design suggestions, you can build your dream home with our experts.

Gorgeous home now Streamline your custom home construction project with a hassle-free design and build process for transparency and accurate planning. Manage every step of the process from initial planning to construction completion. We work closely with world-class designers and builders


John Doe
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GorgeousHomeNow went above and beyond with our makeover. We have modernized our 1980s house and are once more in love with it. The project manager listened to what we wanted in the remodeling, offered us useful suggestions, and checked in with us frequently to make sure we were happy with the progress of the work. Never did we feel compelled to accomplish more than we wanted to or could afford. Highly impressed with their home renovation services in GTA, ON, Canada. Thank You!
Amy Smith
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Everyone is shocked when we tell them that our renovation experience was fantastic. Their staff was excellent from a distance, going through our budget and what was reasonable in great detail. Their project manager put in a lot of effort at each stage to make sure we had what we needed on schedule. When HVAC issues came up, we were given a few solutions, which allowed us to keep bulkheads to a minimum in our modern home. The exchange of information was always excellent, and the project manager kept in touch with us every day, if necessary, via phone, email, or text. Honestly, the Custom Home Builders were fantastic from the beginning to the end and made the renovation process quite simple.
Robert Wlliams
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GorgeousHomeNow was really professional throughout! If we ever need them again, we'll hire them without hesitation. Highly Appreciated! Kudos Guys!!
Kate Brown@username
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I had an amazing experience with GorgeousHomeNow as they have designed my new home as per my expectations and out of the box. I am really impressed by them. Highly Recommended!!
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